BREAKING: McDonald’s Has Launched The McVegan

Today, McDonald’s have launched the trial of their new burger, the McVegan. The trial is taking place at an outlet in Finland, which if successful, could expand worldwide.

At the moment, the McVegan can only be found at their outlet in Tampere, Finland, until the end of November. At the end of the trial, the fast-food chain will evaluate the burger’s performance and make a decision on its future.

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Positive reception

Marketing Director for Finland, Christoffer Rönnblad, said: “At least the feedback that we have quickly received, and what reception has been online yesterday and already the other day, it has been quite positive. We are going to be positive in this test”

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The burger is made with a soy patty and can be ordered with a side of chips which are also vegan.

McDonald’s chips have been a contentious issue over the years with the public unsure if they are in fact vegan.

However, Rönnblad cleared up that issue: “Yes, they are made here in Finland from potatoes and baked in vegetable oil. The fries are completely vegan.”

Counting on the Finnish vegans

While some may continue to not support McDonald’s, the launch of the McVegan is a big step forward in terms of how far veganism has come.

Having a vegan option in one of the biggest chains in the world makes it easier for those moving towards a vegan lifestyle. It’s important that the local Finnish people support the burger so it can expand to the rest of the world.


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