Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe

Eating yogurt has many benefits, and making your own using this homemade greek yogurt recipe can be a great way to get your yogurt.

Ingredients For Homemade Greek Yogurt

This fat-free recipe can be eaten twice a day to provide a great option for breakfast and a snack or whenever you feel the urge for some yogurt. It provides calcium and protein and is a satisfying choice for a snack.

In order to make greek yogurt, you need the following: two quarts of fat free milk, placed in a two-quart glass container and microwaved until it starts to bubble (approximately 17 minutes on high). Next, allow to cool for 30 minutes. Then, make sure it is at 100 to 115 degrees, using a cooking thermometer. Add two to three teaspoons of commercial or homemade yogurt to the cooled milk. For commercial yogurt, make sure live cultures are present.

Cover milk and put in oven that is preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one minute and then has been turned off. Wrap the container in towels and turn the oven light on. Allow to incubate for five to 10 hours (may take as many as 14 hours). The yogurt is done when it is slightly gelatinous with a slightly yellow liquid on the top. Once this occurs, the yogurt can be chilled and eaten as is. You have the option of pouring off the whey or stirring it back into the mixture. Straining the yogurt now is what will make it into Greek Yogurt.

You can use cheesecloth in several layers or a coffee filter for small amounts of yogurt. For some people, you can use a bouillion strainer or chinois. For those without this appliance, you can stick to the cheesecloth or coffee filters. Place over the container and allow the yogurt to sit until it has only half of the total amount left in the strainer.

Tip or stir gently if whey forms on the top of the yogurt left to strain. Mix both halves of the yogurt back together in one bowl and use a whisk to beat until smooth. Now you can add two to three tablespoons of milk if you prefer mellow yogurt that is not as thick as sour cream. It is up to personal preference, but some light coconut milk can really make the yogurt creamy and smooth to eat. You can also add sugar, honey or another sweetener at this point.

The Health Benefits of Homemade Greek Yogurt

There are some notable benefits to eating greek yogurt, and making your own can be an adventure that is worthwhile since you can make it to your personal preference. Health benefits of Greek Yogurt include the delivery of probiotics that help your stomach contain healthy bacteria that digest other foods more easily. Greek Yogurt also helps control high blood pressure, provides nutrients to keep your bones healthy and helps you lose weight due to the protein in Greek Yogurt and the fact it takes longer to digest, leaving you feeling full longer and not reaching for snacks or junk food during that time.

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