Slimming World – Iceland 7-Day Meal Plan


Breakfast: Granola with blueberries
Lunch: Chicken breast fillets with salad
Dinner: Wild boar and apple sausages, mashed potato, mixed country veg, and onion gravy
Snack: Roasted nuts


Breakfast: Kellogg’s Fruit n’ Fibre
Lunch: Chicken and sweetcorn pasta bake
Dinner: Pork chops with mixed country veg and sweet potato
Snack: Fat-free yogurt


Breakfast: Granola with Sliced Banana
Lunch: Omelette with mixed peppers, onions and cheese
Dinner: Chicken fajitas; breaded chicken in a Wrap with mixed peppers and red onions
Snack: Plums


Breakfast: Kellogg’s Fruit n’ Fibre
Lunch: Leftovers of chicken fajita withsticky rice
Dinner: King prawn chilli stir fry
Snack: Roasted Nuts


Breakfast: Granola with blueberries
Lunch: Wild boar and apple sausage sandwich
Dinner: Lemon and pepper salmon with mixed veg
Snack: Fat-free yogurt


Breakfast: Bacon sandwiches
Lunch: Scrambled egg on wholemeal toast
Dinner: Ostrich fillet with sweet and sticky rice with mixed country veg
Snack: Popcorn


Breakfast: Pain Pairisenne, honey and banana
Lunch: Beef & Veg or Chicken & Veg soup
Dinner: Pork loin, mashed potato, roast potatoes, carrots, gravy
Snack: Fat-free yogurt

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