Slimming World Pancakes (Recipe Syn Free or Low Syn Pancake)

If you’re not a fan of sweetener or are looking for something with a lower syn value then check half syn pancake recipe:

Ingredients (makes 2 pancakes):

-6 tbsp sweetener
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-1 egg
-Fry Light


-Separate the egg yolk and egg white into separate bowls
-Add 3 tbsp of sweetener to the egg white. Using an electric mixer, whisk up the egg white until it makes stiff peaks
-Add the vanilla extract and the rest of the sweetener to the egg yolk and mix well.
-Fold the egg yolk into the egg white mixture
-Spray a pan with Fry Light and pour half the mixture into the pan. After a few minutes flip the pancake over,
-Take the pancake out a few minutes later, and repeat the cooking process with the rest of the mixture.
-Serve them up with your favourite pancake topping and enjoy!


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